Carp Lead Bullet Green


Many carp anglers have wondered what weight for long casts is ideal. The Projectile is undoubtedly the answer to that question and will enable you to achieve very long distances. Its shape is aerodynamic for a reason, which translates into stability during flight. The lead has a specialized coating that can be flavored with dips and flavors. The color scheme of the coating on the weight has been carefully chosen to blend in perfectly with any type of bottom, whether it’s muddy, vegetated, or overgrown.

As we all know in casting angling, every extra meter of range matters. A lot of time and experimentation went into finding the best proportions between diameter, length, and center of gravity to create a true projectile. The undisputed king of flights in our lineup.


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100 g, 120 g, 140 g, 160 g


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