Carp marker pole dusk sensor – blue 6m


Lenght – 6 meters – five sections of 1m each and two tips of 50cm each, including one with LED dusk to dawn sensor.

Range – The marker is visible from a distance of up to 500 meters.

Time of lighting – The marker lights from 14 to 60 days with the use of two AA batteries.

Connection system – Simple clip-on connection system – any length of the marker.

Switching on and off – Tighten the LED head until it is switched on, loosen it until switched off.

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Carp marker pole kit – 6 meters – five sections of 1m each and two tips of 50cm each, including one with LED dusk to dawn sensor and a natural sinker. Marker equipped with LED powered by two AA batteries. Appropriate design of the system provides marker light duration of 40 to 60 days in terms of hours (960 to 1440 hours) of continuous operation.

Obtaining such a long operation time on 2 batteries makes it pointless to buy a carp marker product with a dusk sensor. Of course, the discrepancy is caused by the quality of the batteries. That is why we recommend using alkaline batteries, thanks to which our marker will shine much longer. Additionally, the upper section of the 0.5m long pole has two reflectors which improve visibility.

carp marker pole kit dusk sensor
The marker sections are connected by a very simple Klick system. The principle is very simple: just press the button in the middle and then put the next section on and you have an extended buoy. The element of the Klick system is made of stainless steel so we do not have to be afraid that it will rust in water.

In the set we also get detachable natural sinker, with the system of joining inside the tube, so there is no possibility of the line tangling. This is very handy because we don’t have to carry the marker permanently after the fishing session with the weight. The tubes the marker is made of are 22mm in diameter, so they are much stronger and stiffer. Additionally their black color camouflages perfectly in water and does not reflect sunlight.




carp marker pole kit dusk sensor

The range of the markerin friendly weather conditions is up to 500 meters. We have achieved such visibility thanks to a specially designed irregularly shaped lampshade which additionally breaks up the source of light.
Very simple system of turning the diode on/off. Just turn the lampshade to the right when you want to turn it on or to the left when you want to turn it off.

The product is packed in a thick cardboard box which can be used for storage and also protects the pole during transport. The Fishing Carp Marker Pole is a great product invented by the English and will definitely make carp fishing from a landing net easier. Another great advantage is that you can extend the marker to any length by buying additional sections of 1m.


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