Helicopter Bead Green


It has been designed to create helicopter sets and chod rigs. The hard rubber of which the bead is made additionally protects our main line during taking and hauling carp.

Qty: 10 pcs

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    Is there a step by step instruction somewhere on how to properly make a helicopter bead kit? Do any of you have a proven one of your own that catches on?

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    Very good product at a great price 5.0

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    I had very good chod fishing last year mainly using these swivels.

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    You put on a leadcor and then a swivel with a quick disconnect and you have practically the whole set

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    Cool greenish colour fits perfectly under grasses, muddy bottoms and for green leadcor

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    If you use a monofilament line, this is the better one: https://undercarp.com/product/heli-chod-bead-brown/ because it has smaller meshes. The one here is great for leadcore (no matter if it has a core or not.

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