Reflective carp marker pole – 6m


Length of marker 6 meters ( 5×1 m and 2×0,5 m ) . The sections of the marker are connected by simple and fast snaps. The weight is detachable, with the connection system in the middle of the tube, so there is no possibility of tangling the line. The 0.5 cm long tip is covered with reflectors in white and orange .Product packed in a thick elongated cardboard box, which can be used to store the marker and also protects the pole during transport. One of the 1m fairlead pieces is drilled and hollow inside to provide additional stability for the marker at depths greater than 6m and during large waves. It is possible to extend the marker as much as you want and to buy a cover that holds 3 complete poles with weight. English Name: Carp Marker Pole

Dostupnosť: Nie je na sklade SKU: UC298


You can additionally buy the LED luminous tip with a dusk to dawn sensor.


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