Shrink Tube Size 1.5mm Brown


Heat shrinkable tube is mainly used for carp leaders. The appropriate profile of the tube acts as a hook positioner. Thanks to that it significantly increases the leader’s action and also increases the effect of hooking the fish and prevents it from spitting out the set. Most often used in Sliding Rig or Line-Aligner leaders. Also works great as a knot protector. Just pull the shrinking tube over the knot and then heat the tube over steam or fire to make it shrink.

Size: 1.5 mm

Color: Brown

Qty: 8 pcs

Dostupnosť: Na sklade SKU: UC181

6 recenzií k Shrink Tube Size 1.5mm Brown

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    What can I say nice price and even better quality. since the first time I got them for testing I always use them now.

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    Price and quality of the product, revelation.

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    I use them mainly for hook positioning on hand tests the hook penetrates almost immediately

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    Such a pack lasts me a really long time !

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    Very good price and great quality I agree with the previous speaker 😀

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    I highly recommend it, it works extremely well. I use it myself to make leaders and profile over the steam of a kettle.

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