Tungsten Quick Change Weights 0.8 g


Tungsten Quick Change Weights 0.8 g – Tungsten reusable weights used mainly to weigh down our leader. They are also perfect for balancing floating balls and sinking the final section of our set so that it adheres perfectly to the bottom. They have a streamlined shape so they won’t be an additional resistance when casting.

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    Tadeusz (overený zákazník)

    I use these weights for pop-up balls and they are ok 🙂

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    watahacarp (overený zákazník)

    A big plus for the quality and the fact that they are rubberised inside, so they don’t cut through leaders like ordinary shotgun shells 😛

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    Arek_98 (overený zákazník)

    I use them and they are really ok

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    Piotrek_Szymczuk (overený zákazník)

    I’ve always used Fox Kwik Change Pop up but now I’m using these because they’re a lot cheaper but a bit different but they also pass the test.

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    adeszko9231 (overený zákazník)

    I bought this size and 0.3g, the smaller ones are great for method and the 0.8 ones are ideal for carp leaders.

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