Anti Tangle Sleeve Brown


Anti Tangle Sleeve Brown – The anti-tangle protector prevents leaders and sets from tangling while casting on long distances. It can also be used with other carp rigs, as it prevents the rig from tangling and also improves the presentation of the lure by placing it on the bottom.

  • Color: brown
  • Lenght 54 mm or 25 mm

10 pcs


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    Exactly, it’s okay.

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    It worked well for me on the water. Nice carp store…recommend

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    It is very useful on the water to protect quick release with slipped leader
    Great convenience !!!
    UnderCarp thanks for the fishing convenience

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    A good quality tube that blends in nicely with other brown tools such as braid or leadcor, so it simulates branches at the very bottom of the fishery, masking itself perfectly

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