Carp Hooks Teflon CHODDY


Choddy is a hook designed mainly for rigid leaders made of fluorocarbon. Most often used in chod rigs and stiff rigs. The shape of the hook makes it very easy to fasten the fish in fluorocarbon leaders. Hooks covered with anti-reflective Teflon.

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    Choddy are my favorite hooks of any brand I recently came across undercarp and they look cool

    • Undercarp

      Thank you for your kind opinion. I am throwing up a screen shot from one of the carp forum users about these hooks:
      haki karpiowe undercarp opinia z forum-karpiowePL

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    At a good price you have these Teflon hooks, it’s time to test them out on the water.

    • undercarp

      Let us know how the tests turned out, whether they will be positive or negative we would love to hear any feedback and it will definitely not be deleted by us.

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    They did a mega job, 0 clips gentlemen 🙂

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    Very good hooks to use in pop-up ball leaders

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    Very good price and very good product, so far no clips
    I can recommend these hooks with a clear conscience

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