Lead Clip with Pin Brown


The safety pin clip allows you to use different sizes of swivels, thanks to the pin which locks the swivel in the clip. The clip is also an additional safety feature that prevents the swivel from slipping out of the clip during the haul or carp bite. The working principle is exactly the same as in the regular safety clip. The clip should release the sinker in a risky moment so as not to damage the towed fish. Compatible with our end set components.

Color: brown

10 pcs

Dostupnosť: Nie je na sklade SKU: UC56

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  1. 4 z 5


    It’s nice that you’ve introduced other colors to your offer, I’ve been using the green ones with the pin for a year now and they’re ok, I hope that these will also be of the same quality as the previous ones.

  2. 5 z 5


    I prefer to catch with strong, safe ones, a little more expensive, but I am 100% sure that nothing will happen to them during casting. I especially use the regular plastic ones when I’m hauling.

    • undercarp

      Hello, the roses are tasteful, we are glad they are working out.

  3. 5 z 5


    Good material, good price they have not yet disappointed me as highly recommend.

  4. 4 z 5


    I use it mainly for fishing, instead of a sinker I use a rubber band with a stone, thanks to which I have 100% certainty of hauling without weighing down and less risk in case of hooks

  5. 5 z 5


    Good safe clips, often the weights were dislodged, highly recommended
    I use it mainly for fishing in places where I want to put the “rigid set”

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