Carp Hooks Teflon CURVE SHANK Barbless


The hook shape is designed to rotate as quickly as possible during a bite and securely fasten the fish to the lower lip. Recommended for use with leaders made of soft braided lines. They work perfectly in combination with our Ultra Soft braided leader. Hooks covered with anti-reflective teflon.

10 pcs ! 

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    The hooks have been purchased and it’s time to go fishing. It’s good that you have them in stock. I asked for them at Rockworld but they didn’t have them yet so I bought them from you. However, more and more commercial fisheries require hooks without barbs. I don’t know if they are better, although it is easier for the fish to release them, but I don’t know if they don’t break the lip too much. There are probably as many different opinions on this subject as there are anglers / carp anglers.

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