Quick Change Carp Swivel


The quick change carp swivel allows us to change the leader very quickly. In situations when we often change our leaders it will work perfectly. Compatible with our end set components.

10 pcs

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    ok product.

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    This is my favorite quick release from the swivel . You still have the second position with a clip I see, but I haven’t used it so far. This quick connector for carp works perfectly for me. Nothing has ever happened to it. It does not bend and it is not shiny.

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    Mateusz Okonek

    The basis of every carp angler’s equipment, strong, matt and quick to change leader.

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    Good non-bending swivels I’ve been using since the beginning.

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    I can’t imagine carping without these quickdraws. No reflective glare, the perfect size to fit secure clips and quick leader changes simply the perfect swivel without which I can’t imagine building a set.

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    Good price, can’t see my sets without them, hauled some beautiful carp around 20kg
    5 stars

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    Very good product
    3 stars for out of stock :/ :/ / waiting for delivery

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    Is it possible to know when this will be on the shop?

    • Undercarp (overený zákazník)

      Already available 🙂

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