Spinner Ring Swivel Size 11 – ronnie rig


The carp swivel with ring is mainly used to produce stiff leaders. The additional metal ring acts as a hinge, allowing the rigid leader to work perfectly. Additionally, it reduces the risk of the set getting tangled up during the cast. The set, which contains a swivel with a ring, sits perfectly on the bottom thanks to the additional ring, which allows it to move freely in the water. Leads made with this swivel also greatly increase the presentation of our bait.Compatible with our end set components.

Size: 11

10 pcs

Dostupnosť: Na sklade SKU: UC262

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    You have just introduced it as a novelty and I can see it ran out quite quickly. I wanted to buy it for next time because I had from BP Ronnie Rig Swivel and it is the same product but the price is a little better. It seems to be a few zlotys cheaper here, but when I was shopping for your products in Carponline recently, it turned out to be much cheaper than the competition, and it is nice there because I can take it in my hand and compare it with other manufacturers, such as Nash or Korda.

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