Ready Rig with Rig Aligner


The positioner used on this leader increases the effectiveness of hooking the carp into the lower lip. The leader with a positioner will work great with sinking boilies as well as with snowmen – a combination of a sinking boilie and a pop up boilie. Made of Ultra Soft 25 lbs braided line.

Material: Hook Link Ultra Soft 25lbs

Hook:  Wide Gape

Long: 25 cm

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5 recenzií k Ready Rig with Rig Aligner

  1. 5 z 5

    pioteeeek (overený zákazník)

    Great basic leader.The positioner mega rotates the hook and drives it into the lower lip. Last time on a sit, out of 10 fish, 9 were perfectly clipped into the lower lip.

  2. ernescik1532 (overený zákazník)

    They are ok !

  3. 5 z 5

    kowaljanek (overený zákazník)

    Great price good quality !

  4. 5 z 5

    areeeeczek (overený zákazník)

    Good quality and great price I can recommend with a clear conscience.

  5. 4 z 5

    andrecarp (overený zákazník)

    I have been testing for this season and am positively surprised 🙂

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