Ready Rigs Chod Rig


Chod Rig is a great leader for floating balls on muddy bottoms. In overgrown places and in places where the bottom is covered with silt it works perfectly. Made of special Chod Link material. On the loop there is a screw for baits with wheel, thanks to which you can easily fix the pop-up ball.

In package 2 pieces !

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  1. 5 z 5

    Arek_98 (overený zákazník)

    Good price and two leaders in one pack !

  2. 4 z 5

    grasscarp (overený zákazník)

    I’ve always used Korda, Fox products, but I’ve tested these and they are ok and much cheaper, so there is no need to overpay 🙂

  3. karpiarzyk12 (overený zákazník)

    I use and recommend !

  4. 5 z 5

    watahacarp (overený zákazník)

    I’ve been using these leaders all season and have pulled a lot of carp on them, up to 20 kg, so I can recommend them with a clear conscience 🙂

  5. 5 z 5

    Tomekk (overený zákazník)

    Great quality and hooks very sharp 🙂

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