Bait Bands 8 mm


The material of which the lure rubbers are made, thanks to its extensibility allows you to attach to the hook such lures as protein balls, pellets, seeds, etc. Using rubbers, we can attach practically any lure – both directly to the hook and in D-rig sets.

  • Size: 8 mm

Qty: 2 x 6 pcs

Dostupnosť: Na sklade SKU: UC129

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    The pellets stick to them flawlessly, I’ve stretched them for the largest pellets and they haven’t cracked the rubber bands.

    • undercarp

      We’re glad to hear that.

    • undercarp

      At the fair in Sosnowiec one gentleman tested them on thick catfish pellets and they stretched to the limit, they did not shoot once:) They are not expensive so you can test them on your own.

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    Great idea with the eyelet on the hook or you can wind the D-loop there in the D-rig leaders and the rubber band perfectly holds the bait.

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    Bartek Łazarz

    Super rubber bands very durable on large diameter pellets 😀 Keep up the good work.

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