Drop Out Lead Inserts Soft


Drop Out Lead Inserts Soft – It can be used as a knot and leader protector in end sets. At the same time it serves as a protector, which will prevent the set from tangling, or in through weights as a middle sleeve (which also serves as a knot protector).

  • Color: black
  • Size: 60 mm

10 pcs

Dostupnosť: Na sklade SKU: UC140

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  1. 5 z 5


    For those who fish with a method, they are perfect for extending the basket, they work like a tube thanks to which the basket does not get tangled.

  2. 5 z 5


    Good patent for substitution in baskets for the method, I also use
    Very good aggravation 5/5

  3. 5 z 5


    Super material from which it was made, nice that the tube is longer so you can use it in self-made weights

  4. 5 z 5


    Well composed material perfectly protects our kit against tangling

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