Heli /Chod Bead Green


It has been designed to create helicopter sets and chod rigs. The hard rubber of which the bead has been made additionally protects our main line during taking and hauling carp.

Color: Green

Qty: 10 pcs

Dostupnosť: Na sklade SKU: UC125

4 recenzie k Heli /Chod Bead Green

  1. 5 z 5


    It overlaps the leadcor and the swivel is freely attached to it, which does not limit its freedom of movement and thus our lure balances freely in the water.

  2. 5 z 5


    Thanks Under Carp, whatever I buy from you, everything fits perfectly, both in color and size

  3. 5 z 5


    Very good facility for walking sets

  4. krsytan98

    It’s cool to use a monofilament line for a through set with a pop up ball, but if you have fluorocarbon it does a nice job: https://undercarp.pl/produkt/koralik-helikopterowy-zielony/ it has a larger mesh and works perfectly there.

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