Ready Rig Combi Rig


The leader is a combination of a stiff and soft leader. Made of 25 lb Fluorocarbon and Ultra Soft braid. This is a great leader for long casts.

Material: Hook Link Ultra Soft 25lbs + Fluorocarbon 25lbs

Hook:  Curve Shank

Long: 25 cm

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    Big plus that on the hook there is a rubber band for hair positioning the leader is very well placed on the bottom 🙂
    Great and also self-locking 🙂

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    I also use tungsten paste to connect the line with the fluorocarbon in this leader and it is ok 🙂

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    I recommend for throwing it is great 🙂

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    I use this leader for casting and hauling and I am satisfied 🙂

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    A cool and effective breaker

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