Speed Links


The universal clip will allow us, among other things, to quickly change markers while examining the bottom, leaders in end sets, as well as weights in transit sets.

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    I use it for the method and it works quite nicely in my kit that I have been testing for a while now.

  2. 4 z 5


    Stosuję do wymiany markerów oraz w zestawach przelotowych

  3. 5 z 5


    Very good aggravation 5/5

  4. 5 z 5

    Wędkarz Piotrek

    It is used for building through sets while hauling big carp, even 22 kg happened to me and the clip remains intact

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    I use to attach weights and so far have not been disappointed once.

  6. 5 z 5


    Good product, after long contact with water nothing happens with these safety pins as I am most satisfied.

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    I use it to change sets, instead of a quick release swivel. It fits me better somehow. I precisely block it with a long buffer as in the photo.

  8. 4 z 5


    Universal and must be with me 😉 heheh

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