Carp Hooks Teflon WIDE GAPE CHODDY


Wide Gape Choody hooks are designed mainly for rigid fluorocarbon leaders. Most often used in chod rigs and stiff rigs. The shape of the hook makes it very easy to fasten the fish in fluorocarbon leaders. Hooks covered with anti-reflective Teflon.

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    I am beginning to test these hooks, I will write more after a few trips, I am curious how they turn out. It’s a pity guys that you can’t add a comment without a rating because how to rate hooks if you haven’t used them? You can always leave a comment later, I know, but think about this change.

    • undercarp

      Looking forward to the review and maybe some pics if you manage to do something:) It will be really great. Greetings

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    Best hooks !!

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    Adam Stefańczyk

    5 STARS that’s how I rate these hooks I’m mega satisfied / they dull less often in gravel fishing than hooks 3x more expensive

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    Very nice hooks, thanks to their “square” shape they quickly penetrate the carp’s lower lip, which results in no clips – so far I haven’t had any.

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    I have these hooks and I recommend them to 13 fish. No spin, strong sharp and the fish does not come off.

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    You can see that there are people who write comments on hooks, and hooks are good when there are fish, but there are no fish, that’s all.

    • Undercarp

      It is difficult to say who is writing, you can see from the IP that these are different comments from different parts of the country. From the position of the panel you can see everything. We have no influence on the comments, as you can see there are both positive and negative ones. Thank you for your opinion Marcin, Regards.

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