Carp Hooks Teflon LONG SHANK


The Long Shank is a hook used very often in 360 rig and D-rig leaders. The hook’s long shank, bent eye and specially shaped elbow arch are details that make it difficult for fish to spit this hook out. The Long Shank, thanks to its shape, automatically rotates during a carp strike and reliably penetrates the carp’s lower lip. Hooks covered with anti-reflective Teflon.

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    I recommend these hooks, everyone probably used the long shank model more than once, most brands have this shape in their offer.

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    I use them for corn when I put a few kernels on the hair.

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    From the very beginning, as soon as these hooks appeared in the offer I started fishing with them
    I am mega satisfied
    Price+quality= unforgettable moments with caught fish

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    I use D-rig leaders and they have never let me down.

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    I confirm that as the manufacturer writes, they prevent unhooking and perfectly hook the fish

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