Heavy Latch Stik Needle


Heavy Latch Stik Needle – Flat, stiff, 11 cm long needle designed for PVA bags and sticks. The needle has a special snap, thanks to which you can easily pull the line or braided line through the filled PVA bag, net and other water-soluble materials. It has a very comfortable handle, thanks to which it fits perfectly in every hand. In addition, the needle has a hole in the handle, so that we can attach it to the lanyard, because everyone knows that needles are often lost on the water. A special hole in the handle will solve the problem of missing needles.

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3 recenzie k Heavy Latch Stik Needle

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    Adam Lambert

    Like this product

  2. 5 z 5

    Krystien Substien

    Good product colour and a hole for the lanyard prevents it from being lost.

  3. 5 z 5

    Adam Kułaga

    I am pleasantly surprised with this needle, despite the long wire it is massive and stable, I think it will serve me for a long time.

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