Braid Needle


Stiff, very strong needle designed for hard baits such as dried protein balls, corn, tiger nuts. The needle does not have a snap, so it is much stiffer and more resistant to breaking when you put the bait on. It has a very comfortable handle, thanks to which it fits perfectly in every hand. In addition, the needle has a hole in the handle, so that we can attach it to the lanyard, because everyone knows that needles are often lost on the water. A special holder will solve the problem of missing needles.

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    The needle is well fixed to the blade, so it does not break off like others.

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    Very useful needle and its advantage is that it does not break the balls like the standard one

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    When buying this needle be careful not to puncture your finger
    haha today i was so busy making a ball that i scratched my finger ouch

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