Pellet Bander


Pellet Bander – An indispensable tool for attaching silicon rubber bands to pellets and other hard and soft lures in sets not only designed for method Fedder and all kinds of carp leaders. The tool for attaching pellets enables very fast and precise replacement of the bait and rearming the leader.

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    Earlier I was sceptical about attaching the pellet right next to the hook, but I was convinced after the first attempts, unfortunately then I had to put it on with my fingers, now with this device it takes 2 seconds and we are ready to cast the set.

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    I’m waiting for delivery, unfortunately I didn’t buy at the fair so now I have my own :/

    • Undercarp

      It is already in stock, we invite you to our shop and fishing shops all over Poland 🙂

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    Very easy to put on pellets or dumbels
    5 stars price + quality = ideal product

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    I have mine too 🙂
    przyrząd do pelletu do zakładania

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    I have a question when this will be available ?🤔

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