Carp Hooks Teflon CRANK CHODDY


Crank Choody hooks are designed for rigid fluorocarbon leaders. Most often used in chod rigs and stiff rigs. The shape of the hook makes it very easy to fasten the fish in fluorocarbon leaders. Hooks covered with anti-reflective Teflon.

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    My favorite hooks, already tested on 3 sittings and passed the exam

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    I bought them now for the first time, I will see how they perform on the water and how with their sharpness. I have a silent hope that I will not be disappointed with them.

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    Adrian Ptak

    Very durable hooks, when fishing long distances with rocks on the bottom, even when retrieving these hooks rub against the rocks on the bottom (it is unavoidable). Most hooks dull in such a situation, but when I found these hooks, surprisingly, it was eliminated to a greater extent.
    I should also mention that they are at a sensational price!!!

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    Durable and sharp hooks, I used to fish in very difficult places, they passed the test !!!

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    I have never been disappointed with these hooks, I have also used them in broken leaders for snowmen, pops and kuku
    Their advantage is that they do not shine like “dog’s eggs” which often frightens fish away

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