Carp Hooks Teflon CRANK


The Crank is a hook that has a very wide bend and a bent blade with a micro barb. It was created mainly for KD rig leaders. It is a very catchy hook and holds the fish securely while hauling. It is practically impossible to spin the fish off this hook when the leader is well tied. Hooks covered with anti-reflective Teflon.

10 pcs

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    Superb in KD rig leaders
    As for the hooks, sensational grip even with delicate bites

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    Super sharp hooks, mega strong I managed to catch several fish in the range of 25 kg

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    Good hooks to use for snowmen !!!
    Thanks to their special bend they penetrate perfectly into the lower lip of the carp.

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    I call these hooks the “silent killer”, they lie innocently on the bottom and when the fish sucks our bait they quickly turn and penetrate the lip of the carp

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    PiotrS (overený zákazník)

    In general, the hooks do not differ that much from the more expensive ones, the price is very attractive, sharp, there is no reflex in the water.
    It is a pity that I have to wait for a second week for a package which you forgot to send and no response to e-mails 🙁

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